Saturday, December 3, 2011

Anti-allergy spray

Foind this in Cash and Carry Supermarket and has since become a regular in our grocery list. For only 79 pesos you can say goodbye to Dust Mites!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lola's xmas present

She loves birthdays, cakes, and candles..lola made her really happy with probably her favorite present ever! And this only costs 180 pesos!

See it doesn't really have to be expensive to make a child happy..

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wishes Do Come True

I think it's every child's dream to go to Disneyland and Joaqui is one of those kids.

I got really lucky to have been able to book a flight to Hong Kong at Cebupacific at zero fare. The total return airfare is...wait for it..just 1700 pesos! Amazing isn't it?

I can't God enough for giving me the opportunity to make my son's simple wish come true.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Joaqui's top 4 in his class although we need to work on his Math and Science subjects. You always make me proud baby boy!

His prize from mommy, his fave, Angry Birds. Got it from the wonderful Divisoria for only P150! Sells for P300 in malls.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

January 2011 in a glance

Jumper Entrance P30 for 10 Minutes

Love notes from Joaqui and Joaqui (writing for Yana :) )

Toy Microphone with Stand from Toys R' Us P999

This Ninja mask comes with a sword.  I got it from
the Toy Kingdom Toy Sale for only P99!

Badminton Racket and Shuttlecock Rental: P30

Train Ride is P50 for Adults and 30 for Kids

Ocean Park Entrance Fees: Regular Rate P400
Children 4.5 Ft. Below P350

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Joaqui's First Guitar

He dropped Boy Scout for his guitar lessons.

Got his first mini-guitar for 630 Pesos at Benjie's Guitar House (Magsaysay Blvd.).

Joaqui is a happy bunny. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yana's 2nd Birthday Party

Terrible 2.  She has been terrible long before she turned 2. :) But this little girl just never fails to make everyone in the house happy.

I was supposed to pull a 'Yellow-Matha-Stewart-Inspired' party, but I failed for the most part. :)  Damn you Martha, how do you even manage to pull off all your pretty projects? :)

Here's my failed attempt:
Upin and Ipin Toppers

Yana with Upin & Ipin & Dora

Pictures of the Birthday Girl

Toppers on Yana's Favorite: Puto from Palanan Bakery :)


Sweet Nothings
Personalized Goodies (Tampico Orange Juice)
For her Kuyas

I know, I's not even close to any of Martha's genius but at least i tried (although I failed terribly :)).  Oh, you have not even seen the hanging lantern with her initials.  Made it myself but I do not have the heart to show it. Haha. Hiya! :)

Anyway, the toppers, I had printed at Photoline on a regular photo paper and just stuck a toothpick in between the photo and the yellow cartolina at the back.

The personalized goodies were actually Tampico Orange Juice bottles.  I tore the label and replaced it with a personalized tag I made.

I hope I will be able to prepare a better party for Joaqui's 7th birthday on October 1!

My message for Yana, I hope this blog will still be up by the time your old enough to use the Internet:

Yana, words are not enough to describe how much love I have for you and Kuya.  I just hope and pray that you grow up to be a strong-willed, God fearing, loving, caring, and smart lady.  I adore you my baby, I love you with all my heart.  There is absolutely nothing I will not do for you and Kuya.  When you grow bigger and start school, I hope you will not be too embarassed to give mommy a kiss and say you love me (I hope you always will).  I hope you will not give me so much headaches when you reach puberty.  I hope you find love like I always hoped for myself.  I hope you follow your dreams and no matter what that is, I will support you all the way (I just really hope that doesn't involve being too far away from mommy).

I love your smell.
Although you make too much noise, that's music to my ears (but maybe not to our neighbors, so please try to keep it down).
I hate the smell of your poop but I love washing you.
Bathing you is one of mommy's favorite chores.  It relaxes me and frees my mind.
I love that our house is so messy because your toys are everywhere (what with you throwing everything away when you're done playing).
I hope you will be nicer to Kuya when you get bigger and that you stop hitting him so much. :)
I hope you do not get any more booboo's but I love how you run to mommy everytime you get one.
I love putting you to sleep.
I love how you always want to get mommy's attention and seal of approval for evey new (and old) trick.
I love brushing you hair, although it is always just a mess because you don't like your hair pulled back. 
I love the funny way you brush your hair away from your face.
I love watching you watch your favorite cartoons.
I love seeing and hearing you laugh your heart out when watching Ratatouille.
I love when you call me Mimi.
I love you baby girl and everything about you.